Tony’s Restaurant Redondo Beach

Tony’s Restaurant Redondo Beach

Tony's on the Pier Redondo Beach
210 Fisherman’s Wharf
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

P- 310-374-1442


Tony’s Restaurant Redondo Beach is located on the Pier.  Tony’s also known as Old Tony’s, is a great place to enjoy a romantic dining experience.  The restaurant offers beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean as well as delicious fresh seafood dishes.

Tuesday-Thursday 5pm-9pm
Friday- 5pm-10pm
Saturday and Sunday- 11am-3pm (Brunch) 3pm-10pm (Dinner)

Sample Menu:
Pacific Red Snapper $19.95
Blackened Red Snapper $21.95
Swordfish Steak $24.95
Seared Ahi $24.95
Filet of Sea Bass $24.95
Halibut Filet $24.95
Halibut Piccata $25.95
Tony’s Special Baked Halibut $25.95
Filet of Salmon $22.95
Alderwood Smoked Salmon $23.95
Sand Dabs $22.95
Rainbow Trout $19.95
Charbroiled Seafood Combination $24.95
Scallops $23.95
Sautéed Scallops $24.95
Charbroiled Shrimp and Scallops $22.95
Charbroiled Shrimp $19.95
Butterflied Fried Shrimp $17.95
Butterflied Fried Coconut Shrimp $18.95
Fish and Chips $18.95
Fried Oysters $18.95
Scampi $19.95
Combination Plate $18.95
Calamari $17.95
Special Calamari $18.95
Calamari Steak $18.95
Calamari Steak Piccata $19.95
Maryland Style Crab Cakes $17.95
Lobster Thermidor $24.95
Cioppino $23.95
Seafood Fettuccini Alfredo $21.95
Steamed Clams and Linguini $18.95

Sirloin Tips, Brochette $18.25
Choice Top Sirloin Steak $19.95
Choice NY Steak $21.95
Choice NY Steak $19.95
NY Steak and Charbroiled Shrimp $29.95
NY Steak and Fried Shrim $26.95
NY Steak and Scampi $29.95
Filet Mignon 9oz. $29.95

Lobster Tail- Market Price
NYSteak and Lobster Tail- Market Price
Alaskan King Crab Legs- Market Price
NY Steak and Alaskan Crab Legs- Market Price
Filet Mignon and Lobster Tail- Market Price
Filet Mignon and Alaskan Crab Legs

Breast of Chicken Parmigiana $17.95
Break of Chicken Teriyaki $17.95
Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo $18.95

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